It is that time of year: FROST Meeting Call for Papers!


Community Sustainability in the Arctic:
What sustainability theories and practices work and what fail
in Arctic Communities?



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This is going to be a great session at ICASS in 2017! ...

ICASS Speed Networking Event

June 9, 2017, 10:00am - June 9, 2017, 6:00am

This event is set up to test the level of interest in a structured, speed-networking event at the ICASS Congress in Umeå (8-12 June). Say you are 'coming' if you would be interested in participating (we know it will also depend in the end on timing of the event - the time given now is just a guess.). Please help out by inviting others who may be coming to ICASS! Rationale: Networking and exchanging ideas with new people are all reasons academics attend conferences. However, most networking is relegated to unofficial events like coffee breaks, meals, and excursions. In general, the informality of networking favors extroverts, the already well-networked scholar, and those those very comfortable in English. Can we do something together to level the networking playing field? More on the event: People would have 5 minutes or so to present their current research interests or an idea relating to the them to one another, and then would move tables to the next person. If interest is high, we could organize by theme to some extent, but not too specialized so as to make it an interesting and varied event. Maybe there will be snacks too 🙂

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Iowa Board of Regents Approves New ARCTICenter at the University of Northern Iowa

Arctic-FROST is pleased to announce this new development.  The link provided has more information.

New ARCTICenter at UNI

RESDA and Arctic-FROST co-sponsored a community workshop

This workshop was held in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik in northern Quebec, and was devoted to sustainable community development as it relates to resources and land claim agreements.

NSF Arctic-FROST Annual Network Meeting and Early Career Scholars Workshop: ANNOUNCEMENT 

Arctic-FROST is pleased to announce the Second Arctic-FROST network meeting to take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, August 15-17, 2015.

More information can be found on the Arctic-FROST Annual Meeting Information page.


Arctic-FROST sponsored Symposium and UNI Museum Event Featured in Local Paper

“Northern exposure: Symposium, exhibition makes connection with Arctic region” was published in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier March 1, 2015.




Arctic Researcher Featured in Alaskan Media

September 22, 2014

Dr. Andrey Petrov speaking with Alaskan Public Media on the dramatic social shifts that have occurred as our climate changes in the Arctic.

Article and interview in link below.

“Arctic Researcher: Social Changes Are As Drastic as Climate Changes”


Arctic-FROST is featured in the recent “Whiteness the Arctic” Issue (Vol 18, no. 2, pp.14-15).

June 11, 2014

“Whiteness the Arctic” is the official newsletter of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)
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NSF Arctic-FROST Annual Network Meeting and Early Career Scholars Workshop  Read more here.

September 18-21, 2014

ReSDA / Arctic-FROST co-hosted reception

May 22-25, 2014

ARCTIC-FROST Co-Sponsored Panels and sessions 
ICASS VIII Read more here.

May 24, 2014

Prof pursues passion, gets $750K to study Arctic sustainability (read)

 January 6, 2014 Cedar Falls Times

University of Northern Iowa becomes home to center for Arctic research (read)

December 19, 2013 Omaha World-Herald

New international arctic research center opens at the University of Northern Iowa (read)

December 18, 2013 Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

First Arctic-FROST Steering Committee Meeting, Cedar Falls, IA

December 17-18th, 2013

UNI professor to start arctic circle center with federal grant (read)

October 21, 2013 Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

NSF awards UNI $750,000 grant for Arctic research

September 15th, 2013

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — The National Science Foundation awarded a grant of $750,000 to the University of Northern Iowa for a project run by Andrey Petrov, assistant professor in the Department of Geography. The project is named RCN-SEES: Arctic-FROST: Arctic Frontiers of Sustainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North.

The project is based at the Arctic Social and Environmental Systems Research (ARCSES) Laboratory in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. As the leader of the project, UNI will serve as the national focal center of sustainability science research in the Arctic for the next five years.

Arctic-FROST builds an international collaborative network that teams together environmental and social scientists, local educators and community members to enable and mobilize research on sustainable Arctic development. The research is specifically aimed at improving health, human development and the well-being of Arctic communities.

For additional information, contact Petrov at 319-273-6245 or

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