“Sustainability and Sustainable Development in the Arctic: Meanings and Means”
SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2014
UAA Consortium  Library Room 307, Anchorage Alaska

Preliminary agenda


September 18th

Arctic Sustainabilities in the Global Context

8:00-8:30         Registration

8:30-9:15         Session 1.1 Opening and Introductions

Chair: Diane Hirshberg (UAA, USA)

Vice Provost for Research, University of Alaska Anchorage

Fran Ulmer, Chair, U.S. Arctic Research Commission

Andrey Petrov, Arctic-FROST PI


9:30-10:15       Plenary I: Global sustainability science and the Arctic

Chair: Jessica Graybill

Speaker: Shauna BurnSilver , Senior Sustainability Scientist, Assistant Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change (ASU, USA)  From East Africa to the Arctic: Comparative Analyses to Explore Sustainable Arctic Livelihoods


10:15-10:30    Coffee break


10:30-12:30     Session 1.2: Unraveling Arctic Sustainabilities

This session will focus on overall approaches to understanding sustainability and sustainable development in the Arctic (from science, community, stakeholder perspectives, etc.), major issues and themes of sustainability (resilience, adaptation, etc.) and their manifestations in the global and Arctic contexts. The presenters are asked to provide an overview of their recent work and address these broad themes that will assist the group in formulating fundamental principles of understanding Arctic sustainabilities.


Chair: Lee Huskey

  • Andrey Petrov (UNI, USA) From Patchwork to Framework: the Contours of the Arctic Sustainability Science
  • Peter Schweitzer (University of Vienna, Austria) Unraveling Meanings of Sustainability in the Arctic
  • Vera Metcalf (USA) (Eskimo Walrus Commission/ICC, USA) Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples
  • Matthew Berman (UAA, USA) Community Adaptive Capacity in the North
  • Jessica Graybill (Colgate U, USA)  The role of policy-making for adaptive capacity building in the North


12:30-2:00      Lunch


2:00-4:00         Session 1.3 Unraveling Arctic Sustainabilities II: Research by early career scholars

Chair: Diane Hirshberg

Discussant: Peter Schweitzer

  • Robin Bronen (UAF, USA) – Climate-induced community relocation: community-based adaptation strategies to protect human rights and promote sustainable communities
  • Julia Loginova (U of Melbourne, Australia) – Sustainability and livelihood in the Arctic
  • Dawn Magness (Kenai NWR, USA) – Ecosystem Stewardship as a Framework for Federal Agencies to Manage Ecological Trajectories for Sustainability in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
  • Malgorzata Smieszek (U of Lapland, Finland) – Sustainability in the Arctic in the Eyes Of Actors From Outside Of The Region
  • Katrin Keil – Politics of Arctic sustainable development
  • Heather Gordon (U of Wisconsin, USA) – Building Sustainable Research Relationships in the Arctic: Indigenous Communities and Scientists



4:00-4:15 Coffee break


4:15-5:30         Session 1.4: Discussion

Participants: day’s presenters, ECS, other Arctic-FROST members

Chair: Petrov & Graybill


6:00-6:30         Optional tour of the UAA prototype masonry heater designed for rural Alaska (and other remote northern communities)


7:00                 Dinner


September 19th

Regional Sustainabilities and Community Sustainable Development in the Arctic

9:00-10:30       Session 2.1: Regional sustainabilities and communities I: Alaska

Papers in this session will report and reflect on Alaskan experiences in studying (unraveling the meanings, indicators, scenario building, assessments, etc.) sustainability issues in the state (and beyond). Presenters are requested tom relate their work with pan-Arctic issues and considerations, as well as theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable development.

Chair: Doug Causey

  • Amy Lovercraft (UAF, USA) Scenario Thinking in the Arctic: Uncertainty, Rapidity, Complexity
  • Chanda Meek  (UAF, USA) Mapping the past for sustainable futures
  • Jeffrey Hoffman and Jennifer Brock (UAA, USA) Sustainability in Practice: Masonry Heater Designed for Rural Alaska


10:30-11:00 Coffee break


11-12:30          Session 2.2: Regional sustainabilities and communities II: other Arctic regions

Papers in this session will report and reflect on experiences in studying sustainability issues in various Arctic regions and communities. Presenters are requested tom relate their work with pan-Arctic issues and considerations, as well as theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable development.


Chair: Lee Huskey

  • Chris Southcott (Lakehead U, Canada) Resources and Sustainable Development in Canadian Arctic
  • Nikolay Shiklomanov (GWU, USA) Arctic Cities and Climate Change: Stability of Russian Urban Infrastructure Built on Permafrost
  • Tatiana Vlasova (RAS, Russia) Socially-oriented observations for Sustainability and Resilience Assessment in the Russian North: Benefits from Sustainability and Resilience Concepts Integration
  • Varvara Korkina (Polar Academy, Russia) Sustainability and Indigenous Cultures in The Russian North


12:30-2:00       Lunch


2:00-2:45 Plenary II: Sustainability and Resilience in the Arctic

Chair: Andrey Petrov

Speaker: Gary Kofinas (UAF, USA), Professor of Resource Policy and Management, Co-lead, Arctic Resilience Report, Northern Test Case Leader, Alaska ACE (EPSCoR)


3:00-5:00         Session 2.3 Regional sustainabilities and communities III (early career scholars)

Chair: Timothy Heleniak

Discussant: Gail Fondahl

  • Doug Cost (UAF, USA) Deliberative Democracy and Scenarios Planning for the Future in Arctic Communities
  • Kim Jochum (UAF, USA) Sustainability of human-wildlife systems in northern urbanizing regions
  • Rudolf Riedlsperger (Memorial U, Canada) Sustainability’ in an Inuit context: An example from Nunatsiavut, northern Labrador
  • Colleen Strawhacker (U of Colorado, USA) Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service
  • Ryan Toohey (USGS, USA) Using a participatory research model to develop climate adaptation strategies based on contaminant monitoring and Aboriginal Knowledge.
  • Adrienne Davidson (U of Toronto, Canada) Beyond a Conventional Federalism: Dynamics of Governance and the Politics of ExtractiveResource Development in Northern Canada and the United States


5:00-5:15        Coffee break


5:15-6:00         Session 2.4: Discussion

Chair: Petrov & Graybill


6:00                 Wrap up

Participants: day’s presenters, ECS, other Arctic-FROST members


7:00                 AHDR II Sneak Preview Event


Overview of report: AHDR-II Project Co-Leader – Gail Fondahl, professor of Geography, University of Northern British Columbia


Highlights from 4 chapters will be presented by chapter co-authors:


  • Peter Schweitzer (UAF) will present: Cultures and Identities – Peter Schweitzer (US), Peter Sköld (SE), Olga Ultargasheva (RU)
  • Lee Huskey (UAA) will present: Economic Systems – Lee Huskey (US), Alexander Pelyasov (RU),  Ilmo Maaenpaa (FI)
  • Gary Kofinas (UAF) will present: Resource Governance – Bruce Forbes (FI), Gary Kofinas (US)
  • Diane Hirshberg (UAA) and Andrey Petrov (Univ of Northern Iowa) will present: Education & Human Capital – Diana Hirshberg (US), Andrey Petrov (US, RU)


Discussion and reflections: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell


Dr. Douglas Causey, UAA, will facilitate.

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